Monday, March 9, 2009

Italian thoughts

well here I'm eating original pizza in Napoli :) the people there claim that it started in their town and don't admit any other than Napolitan pizza :)(btw they hate PizzaHut) it was good, very very good indeed. We were walking in the rain for more than hour looking for a nice place to eat one moment I thought that in Sofia you're more likely to find pizza place than in Napoli but then...(You may ask if we came here only for the pizza - well after seeing Napoli, it is for sure the best thing!)
by chance we found a beautiful small traditional restaurant - just like in the books, covers on checks, smiley Italians, wine, noise...everything is perfect...

Italy makes you feel confused whether you like it or no...I was so happy to come back to "dirty" Sofia, but in the same time in Italy you have some spirit, something that keeps you there (but not for long)
People seem to be happy although their language sounds like quarrel, for sure they know how to enjoy and take maximum from life - fashion, food, cars, even religion...details are so important :) And still we count it as Western Europe - but actually cultural shock can happen also, when you enter some of those tiny streets with all the garbage and clothes on windows of old buildings...

Rome - you cannot impress the people living here with some sight seeings, they have Vatican, churches in every corner (literally) - i never been to so many churches in one day...statues, fountains, columns, remains, big buildings, small buildings, Coliseum, tangerine trees on the street, thousands of motorbikes, very good and strong coffee...interesting

some funny things - during our tour we had one guy from Bolivia who made us crazy with his disappearing and strange way of behaving
on the first day we went to a bus without a ticket (advised by Italian people) and were charged on the first minute hahah, now I own to the municipality of Rome 104 euro...well as bad it can sound - I don't plan to pay them...:)

and that's it - it's good to be in Bulgaria, I realize it every time I come back from somewhere, maybe it's a comfort zone, who knows!

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