Monday, January 26, 2009

some thoughts about people

People are afraid of important decisions and what is even stranger - young people are afraid also! Where are those who are brave (and crazy:) enough to do something interesting and challenging?

Career, family, money - these are the issues of young people around me today - as if they need to prove something to someone...What is the difference between the 20 and 30 years-old? And what will happen if you don't and just see what life has there for you - it's worth trying I believe....

What will happen if I study economics in a good University and go to Azerbaijan on volunteer internship for 2 months...What will happen if I devote 1 year of my student's life to leadership position and test myself....What will happen if I put high goals and achieve them...if I am involved in everything around me, try to develop, take care of people around me...
Well, for sure nothing frightening ;)

I know that this may sound very "AIESEC" - I don't want to make anyone go on exchange because it is my strange idea to do so...I am just missing these people around me - people to be inspired from, people that have funny and crazy stories about their experiences, those who can surprise me! And I feel weird to think everyday how to make young people be actually young :P

If you know some of them - let me know!

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