Monday, January 19, 2009

2009 opening - updates + "It's up to you"

well 2009 came and I feel obliged somehow to write few lines - for my fans :D:D:D

recently i feel really happy with my life - even it's hard to find something to complain about :)
My cool relationship is getting even cooler everyday :)
i got back from Euro X meeting in Stockholm quite motivated and full of energy and ready to rock the house wohoo
Mamma mia - our beloved campaign surprisingly or not is bringing results :)
I have selected the best team for AIESEC BG for 09/10 - Mimi, Gasho, Helly, Petya and Milenka:)
i'm going for a ski weekend with my parents (party)

another thoughts - It's up to you
of course everyone heard about that concept, recently I was observing people around and I think we can outline 5 stages of it's evolution:

1. You hear about that and also some great stories for great men that achieved a lot and changed the world
2. You think you can be also like that ...
3. You already explain to other people about this cool ideology and mention it in conversations as something smart
4. You take some actions for your future and also responsibilities (so cool!)

and here is the breaking moment - most of the people stay here :)

5. Well, maybe it is more than just thinking and understanding it but also DOING something :) You don't complain about stupid politicians, systems, low salaries, high prices, unfair teachers and wicked colleagues that will get promoted faster than you, people not replying mails and keeping ddls...You just take the things as they are and act according your values and dreams, simple:) And it doesn't mean to be passive and not critical but add your solutions and ideas. If not - just don't complain!

At least that is my perception of things - it was kind of sad for me to see how many people just expect something to happen and their life is passing by
i know it's kind of cliche conclusions but what to do :)
it made me think how important is education in our life - can you imagine if the system is designed in this "It's up to you" style? I started again thinking that maybe i can become a teacher/lecturer some day - it is amazing way to influence many people in positive way....

and for good final one of my favourite songs "Rome wasn't built in a day" by Morcheeba - amazing sound:

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