Thursday, November 27, 2008

applications, self-reflection, hakuna matata

I have several updates:)

just now I'm finishing last details of my application for President of AIESEC Bulgaria and sending it tomorrow morning...Eh big step, but I'm sure it is the right one!

During that writing I had great self-reflection (and meta-cognition haha whatever that means) and discovered many new things, I always liked that in AIESEC except from the rush we can stop and look around...nice feelings

and I have my new "philosophy" - maybe more like attitude to live - i was looking for name and one song from "Lion King" appeared in my playlist - Hakuna Matata... problem-free philosophy :) it helps a lot not taking problems deeply - you should try it!
and it does not mean you dont care about the things, you just not worry about small things that you will anyway forget soon

so that is from me as for now:)

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