Thursday, October 23, 2008

airports and feelings

I don't know if you have a seen the movie "Love Actually" - it kind of sweet and fluffy and recently I remembered one quote from there - "if you want to see what is love go to the airport arrivals and you will see"

for the last 2 weeks it happened that I went to Sofia airport 2 times to meet AIESECers coming here and I felt that sentence indeed

I got so emotional just watching people meeting their friends, sons, daughters and so on...I felt that I'm meeting my friends or family and tears were coming to my eyes...
I couldn't believe it but it's like that
some things are so simple

if you need to see real and sincere feelings go to airport:)

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Julia said...

Il ove this film) And also have the same feeling in airports, maybe that's wht i like travelling so much)