Friday, October 3, 2008

I'm ok + ABBA :P

first to inform all worried people - I;m really ok! I'm not depressed or something, just crossroads are coming in life...

second - tonight we went with Rado, Ivo Dimov, Lili from UNWE and Maria (our Polish intern) to Mamma mia! - musical with ABBA songs, Meryl Streep and other cool actors
I was writing before about power of some songs on my energy...well this was amazing and so funny, go and see that movie - positive energy and good mood it's all about that :)

"thank you for the music ... thanks for all the joy they're bringing"

and another thing - I really start to feel good in Sofia, this city still is unknown for me but the new things I discover are cool - example drinking Zagorka in front of national theatre at midnight :) hehe

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