Monday, September 22, 2008


i'm somehow lost...where I am now and where I will go? My life recently is really making me feel strange - I don't enjoy moments very much, even great things are "more or less whatever" (as we say in my team), i feel tired and skeptical about everything
it's not that I'm not happy - I'm doing really amazing and exciting job, I have love, started to like Sofia :P i've been to Brazil, everything seems to be fine but still sth is not ok....

and of course as usual with me - I'm thinking about the future every day, should I do the things that I need to do, or the things I always dreamed to, or they are the same thing? Am I too much in people's expectations...always thinking what they think about me...and also it's like i'm not so free - i need days for my loneliness:).....going crazy

I need somebody to talk to...I have an idea who is it, hope he will help...

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