Monday, September 1, 2008

Brazilian update

heh again long time without posting here, hm maybe it should be like that, who knows:)

here I'm coming with Brazilian update, sitting in a hostel in Sao Paulo in my last evening here in this amazing and interesting country

You know when working as exchanger I was always saying to people "you should challenge yourself, for example why not to go to Brazil or India:)" And now I faced that experience even that it is only for 2 weeks, and started to wonder if I'm ready to take such thing.

We visited Rio - amazing place, beaches with incredible views and you don't want to leave it...coco nuts for 2 R$, sand and sun and you don't need anything more...
Sugar loaf, Jesus Christ - from there you can see what is Rio - billions of lights, building,s, dancing people, music and enjoyment. At the same time the chance to be mugged is around 100%, whole families are sleeping on the street in front of fancy buildings...prices are like in Western Europe, there is traffic jam even in midnight...

then the conference itself in Sao Paulo - I will talk later about it separately:)
Sao Paulo - 17 million people city, somehow ugly and beautiful in the same time. It's the city of everything, the city where:
- air is so polluted that you can smell it
- natural fruit juice is on every corner for 2 R$:)
- apples are prepared with mayonnaise, strawberries with ham
- the number of gay couples is for sure above average for the world :P
- traffic is the same intensity in almost every hour of the day and night
- you can eat as much as you want in "self-service" restaurant for 9 R$ but one burger costs 8 R$...
- AIESEC has 4 LCs + MC office
- there are no homeless dogs
- rich cultural life
- there are no traffic lights for pedestrians
- it's very hard to find coffee
- has amazing big park with banana trees :)
- nobody speaks English, but they think you are fluent in Portuguese
- in the winter it is around 25 C in the day

Brazilian people - so different - white, black, Asian, european, small, big, clean, dirty - the diversity is shocking...Generally they are quite helpful and nice even though you don't understand what they say:)

For sure this trip made me to think a lot, and to be honest I'm not sure I want to come here for internship...But you can go, it's worth seeing it:)

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