Monday, November 5, 2007

stop worrying and some update

is there something that can surprise me? for some time I think I become a "nepukist" - it's good not to worry too much about everything:) or I need some new excitement in life? maybe love...

LIST passed - amazing XP, but surprisingly easy for me personally...I can re-think my concept that people cannot motivate me so much - great new ideas and inspiration from the new members, from Aga, from Mitko, from my EB, OCPs...Thank you all!

Now the future for my LC seems better, much better:) And it's time to think about my future...Going back home and not having internet I read sugars from the seminar, and then remembering one post from a friend decided to look at all the sugars I have - wow how many conferences, memories... Some conferences with only one or two sugars, others with many of them. Is it necessary to be popular on an AIESEC conference? Or this shows me my development? What is development in AIESEC? After all we live also non-AIESEC life during this time - it can also develop you somehow...What can be my contribution to the success of the organization in future? Am I result oriented or I prefer to think so?

How to know this without trying? So I'll try!

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