Monday, November 19, 2007


it would be strange not to write about ACT 2007 - the most amazing conference I've been so far! Although it's two days passed I'm still confused - why it's so hard to back to reality - responsibilities in AIESEC, studies...most of my thoughts are still there...

people I met there motivated me so much - I think I totally changed my concept (see previous posts here:) The international faci team and our beloved chair - really cool people every one different, funny and last but not least - AChiever! It was great to work with you! Maybe for first time I realized the cultural diversity - we were from different countries but still understanding each other (even sometimes without English). I feel proud be part of the team created this conference!
When I remember the funny and great moments I wish to be back to Sofia and be with you again! Lazy bastardinos looking for that prolongatore :))))
Our great team - Jagoda, Zo, Aga, Milojko, Ashad, Dobrila, Iva, Tokrotka and Stanojka!

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