Monday, August 20, 2007

IC '07 Turkey - part two

Hey again,

Today I was thinking how we understand AIESEC and especially the international aspect. Are we open enough to see other cultures, to cooperate? When you're here you realize that the world is not only Europe - there so many great people from Asia or Africa for example. IC is a place that challenges some of my views on AIESEC and diversity in general. I wish to those of you who haven't experienced the international spirit to do it, and not to wait it to come but to work hard for it!

I want to thank to the guys from BG delegation - every day we have many interesting talks about AIESEC in Bulgaria and cool ideas come up. And I enjoy very much practising our roll call :)))

Finally, some interesting facts about IC. It is taking place in the campus of Yeditepe university in Istanbul - really cool venue. The attraction of the place are the dogs - there are more than 20 of them walking free all around the venue - you can see from the pics that they even attend some of the sessions :P

IC dog

Blago, Steli, Yassar and Milenski


The venue

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