Tuesday, August 21, 2007

IC '07 Turkey - part three

So - it seems that blogging is not an impossible thing for me:)
The fourth day of IC was actually its first day - opening plenary, amazing Global Village and Official Ceremony.
In the morning all our efforts on creating the Bulgarian roll call seemed to be not waste of time. We did great on the last rehearsal and on the opening plenary despite the challenges with the sound system (yes, that happens even on IC:)
We continued presenting Bulgaria on the GV - amazing event - 100 countries with their traditional food, drinks, music and culture! Here I felt what diversity is!
Finally, we attended official ceremony - a lot of guests, alumni, partners - it's really amazing how our global partners value relationship with AIESEC. One of the highest managers from HP, Alcatel, Electrolux, InBev and many others are here to be with us.

The Chair - Pedros Santos, PAI 03/04

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Emil said...


Sounds like you are enjoying the conference. Stay cool and collected and continue presenting AIESEC in Bulgaria in this way.
Feel so proud from you guys, even not there..:)

Cheers from Dubai,