Thursday, August 26, 2010

back to blogging

back again, long breaks from blogging give me some inspiration to write :)
now I am having amazingly interesting moment in my life - I left the active and dynamic life of President of AIESEC Bulgaria and went to one amazing country on the other side of the Atlantic ocean - Colombia! Another exchange plus leadership, some kind of duty, crazy step, dream, needed break - it is some of all these...
Now i have a lot of free time, to think, reflect and think again, and again about life, experiences I had, and the things I want to achieve - sometimes I feel living more in the future (or in the past) than in the present. I;ve always perceived the present as some step, something that needs to pass, to be overcome, to go to the next stage, and then all over again...have you ever felt in that way? (that btw is so much contradictory to the culture here that brings me some of the biggest cultural shocks:)

I really enjoy my internship, but the greatest part of my mind is taken by that question - WHAT'S NEXT? Should I decide now (i have already several options) or just let it go and see what life will bring, am I already too old for adventures and ready for planned life or still in those years that you can try unrelated /not career experiences???...I dont know:)

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