Sunday, October 21, 2007

strange weekend

it started with travel to Sofia. Great discussion about life and AIESEC with Dancho in the bus...although it was so cold (I'm wondering why do you pay 13 lv for bus if it's cold)
Coffee and chocolate for breakfast in the MC office - every time I come here I find it very nice to work in such an office :P
Then the GA starts - with delay as usual (why is it usual for some ppl to be late???). From the very beginning it looked random - didn't give an opportunity to Aga to be part of the discussions, searching for compromise even if it's not needed, not prepared people with high self-confidence, people not willing to talk about arguments, so cold that your mind is freezing...At the end - decision that I don't support, but I didn't do almost anything to change it, I was too disappointed...
In the evening - almost planned dinner with Ivo and Nasko to talk about future plans - something nice for the day:)
Then meeting my parents who came to Sofia to meet their mates from University they haven't met for 20 years...strange. But I'm happy I talked with my parents and had some hours without AIESEC
On the morning I feel so energetic that I cant believe...The way back to Svishtov (again cold bus) was time for self-reflection, thinking about strategic development of my LC - I like traveling alone!
EB meeting, GM, rearranging the office, calling candidates, first meal for the day at 23.30....
Just now I received a mail from a friend, very interesting indeed - I need some time to realize what she is advising me...

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Ivo said...

Hey Toni,
I used to read that blog before IC but now i'm happy i browse it again. Found some stuff about u would never realize in personal talks.

Tell us about the friend advice :)):):)
Happy Ivo