Wednesday, October 10, 2007

my days

recently my days looks like this:
get up around 8.30 (almost every time later:P)
go to the office at 10, standing on the info-desk (I didn't expect this will be so energizing, at the end I didn't want to go)
meetings with my EB and OCPs, with the Dean, with Uni newspaper
missing lunch :(
going to some boooring lectures (I start to think if there is anything useful there and whether not to make sth next year)
having dinner :)
go back home and sitting on the pc till late
almost every evening planning to go to disco but still haven't do this...

1 comment:

Ivaylo said...

Hey Toni,
It's nice to find your blog :)
I see you also have a tough schedule. Well, get used to it - it's recruitment time and everybody is hyper busy on attracting and selecting the best new members for the LC.
I wish you good luck and hopefully we'll see each other on ACT as FACIs ;)