Tuesday, February 5, 2008

memories of the crazy, risky Hong Kong girl :)

a normal day - i start my pc in the morning and what a surprise - Irene from Hong Kong is online...Remembered the time when she was in Svishtov - she was the first AIESEC trainee I saw:) when searching something in the folders I found this words from her in her last day in Bulgaria...wow! nice memories...time goes so fast!

To my Bulgarian friend,

I ‘m really glad to have my traineeship in Bulgaria. I never regret about it. You all are very nice, friendly, hospitality and helpful. I love all of you. I remember the first two weeks when I was here, I felt strange about the food, not because of the taste, I felt strange why the food is not served in hot. But now, I already got used to this “warm” food.

I remember you guys and your family asked me a lot of questions about Hong Kong, to be honest, I love answering all these questions.

You guys are really nice. I love you a lot. Some of you saw me cried a lot when I came back from Romania, especially Toni. I really love Bulgaria and Bulgarian. I cried because I ‘m really happy that I’ m here again. Though it s not my home, I love it.

I have been away home for 7 months and 2 weeks already, its time to be home, though only around 3 months in Bulgaria. I never forget what had happened on me here, never forget my friend here, never forget “Kashmir” and “Nedelya”, never forget my simple Bulgarian, like “dadada”, “nenene”, “chakai chakai”, “kakvo”.

I hope all of you all the best. You are not allowed to forget me, such a crazy, risky Hong Kong gal. I really hope you guys can come to Hong Kong someday in the future, so we can have “rakia” and “shopska” again.


P.S. If you come, bring me a “kompot” and “rakia”. Hahahahahaha


Tisho said...

Yeah, one really crazy girl. I will never forget that night, when I called her to go for a dinner and she said - well, I'm in Troyan. I asked - what are you doing there? and she replied - well, the hotels in Lovech were expensive so I went to Troyan... Crazy... :)

Ireland said...

yeah... i m a really crazy gal... and i miss u all a lot.... and love u all..

hey tisho, u make a minor mistake.
originally, i wanna went to pleven, but the hotel there is expensive, so i went to Lovech.